Steps To A Great Career Company

With the advances of technology, recruiting has changed dramatically. That’s no secret. Employers can quickly reach a worldwide audience through their company web site. They can promote and sell services while using the same web site to recruit and sell the company brand through a robust company career section.

But despite these advances in technology, many small businesses fail to leverage the company web site as a tool to attract and recruit candidates. They also fail at selling the company brand, which can hurt the company when job seekers are considering applying with your company. If your company is not putting the time and resources needed into developing a web site with a career section that sells the company as a frustrated job seekers will look to competitors who provide more detailed information and better resources on their web site, as the place they want to work.

“Your corporate career website is the place where you can differentiate your organization from that of your competitors and really sell the company as a place where potential employees may want to work,” says Stephen Harrington, a recruiting consultant who blogs about online recruitment strategies and best practices. “This is your brochure and should work to compliment your efforts in social media and other recruitment strategies.”

Even if a company doesn’t post open jobs on their company web site – something rare with even the smallest of businesses these days –  a career resources section can be the place to provide more information about company mission and values, benefits and perks, employee testimonials, awards, news and information, blogs and access to company social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, YouTube).

A stagnant career page/section with dated job postings, dated content, broken links, old news and/or little recent update or content can result in good candidates quickly leaving the career site, moving over to your competitor in the process.

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